Blaze And the Monster Machines - Monster Dome Review

Ever since Blaze and the monster machines first came on to our screens in 2014, both my little ones have been huge fans. So when we were contacted and asked if we'd like to review the Blaze Playset, we obviously jumped at the chance.
The Fisher Price Monster Dome play set comes with 2 Launchers, 360 Loop, Ring of fire and a Chomping Sharkbot. The Playset also comes with a full set of easy to read instructions making the task of putting the track together a smooth one. 

The monster dome play set comes with 2 cars blaze and crusher, however there's other cars available to buy separately which also work with the play set too. The aim of the game is based around these two cars, your little ones can have lots of fun setting the cars of the track using the whilst watching as they speed up and either go thru the 360 loop or the ring of fire.

When setting up the track the piece click into one another, so there's no need for tools, which is wonderful.  The track can be set up in multiple layouts, so little ones can recreate the track from there favourite show. If your little one is feeling daring enough, they can recreate the layout of the track so that their car shoots pasts the chomping sharkbot.  

Launching the cars of  the 2 launchers each time great for teaching kids basic STEM concepts, such as momentum. It teaches momentum over time as the child realises that the harder they hit the launcher the faster the car goes around the track.

Overall The Blaze Playset was a huge winner in our house, the kids loved it and even mummy and daddy enjoyed racing against each other on it once or twice. I'd definitely recommend it. 

The Monster Dome Play Set by Fisher Price is aimed at children age 3 and up and has a
 RRP of £29.99

Disclosure: We were sent the Blaze and the monster machines monster dome playset for the purpose of this review. However as always all opinions are honest and that of my own. 

Creating A Bright Future For Our Children #brightfuture

Since having kids me and my partner have both tried that little bit harder, to do things in our day to day lives that help keep the world that little bit more 'green' . In fact six out of ten parents said that they have started to live in a 'greener' way at home at the suggestion of their children.

We're strong believers in the fact the things that what we do now however small it may seem, will shape the future for our little ones. Therefore I thought I'd share some of the steps we have taken, to help create a brighter future for them. 

As hard as it can be sometimes, especially now the little ones are back at school. We try to limit how much we put the washing machine on as it means we use less water. However when we do put a wash on we make sure that we always wash our clothes at 30. Switching from 40 to 30 on wash cycles, uses less energy.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, washing clothes at 30 uses around 40% less electricity over a year than washing at higher tempatures such as 40. This adds up to savings of around £13 a year on energy bills. 

I have to admit it took me a while to get on board with recycling. The idea of having to think which bin does this go in and having to break down boxes and bottles before putting them in the bin, well it just seemed like a lot of hassle. However we're rather lucky that where we live, the community strongly promotes anything we can do to improve the surroundings we live in . It was just a matter of educating some of us recycling newbies on the benefits of it for example, that...

- Recycling can reduce the need to destroy habitats for animals.
- Recycling paper saves trees
- We save on energy by using recycled materials
- Recycling produces considerably less carbon.

That said we're now now the proud owners of 2 green recycle bins and recycling has become like a second nature to us. 

Most Appliances still use power if left on standby. The Energy Savings Trust states that up to £80 a year is wasted in the average home due to appliances left on standby. 

This is one of the changes to our everyday routine that we found a little easier than the others to make. We started off small with this one, by making sure that if we left the room we turned off the lights. Overtime we have built it up though and we now make sure we turn off the oven at the wall once we've cooked and that every time before we leave the house to go out or before we go to sleep each night that the TV is switched off at the wall. Its something that only takes a second to do, but can make a big difference.

whenever possible we try to walk rather than drive, whether its to do the school run each day or to the shops to pick up some bits. The little ones can sometimes get a bit tired when walking to school each day, so we let them ride there scooters instead its equally as efficient as walking and more fun for them too. Walking. cycling and scooting are not only a great ways of helping our environment by helping to reduce greenhouse gases but it also helps improve our health too.

This post is an entry for BritMums  #brightFuture Challenge, sponsored by Unilever 

 Unilever's #brightFuture initiative focuses on small changes that can make a big difference and how we can build a world where everyone lives well. 

Jurni - The Ultimate Suitcase For Teen Travelers

I was so made up when Jurni Suitcase invited me to review their new suitcase aimed at tweens and teenagers. Having kids who have owned and loved Trunki's before which are made by the same company, we were super excited to try it out.

I rarely get a suitcase to myself whenever we go away, the suitcase is normally taken up by the majority of the kids clothes and i'm left with a tiny slither of space for mine. It was nice to actually be able to have a whole suitcase to myself for once and my eldest loved using the Jurni. 

The Jurni suitcase is perfect for younger travelers as it weighs only 3.2kg and is compact at only 50 x 35 x 20cms,  which makes it really light and easy to carry. The suitcase has a main compartment which is easy to open, there are two pink switches on the side which you push across at the same time and the front opens up. Then to close you just shut the case and the door automatically stays secure and shut. The main compartment had plenty of room inside for clothes, shoes and any other bits you wish to take away with you. As well as some hidden compartments too like the pop out pod on top of the Jurni suitcase.

The hidden compartments on the Jurni were by far one of my favourite things about the suitcase. There was one on top which is fantastic for storing bits that you might need easy access to i.e your passport, phone charger etc. To get access to the pop out pod it was really simple, you just push the pink button below it in and up and the lid to the compartment just pops open. The compartment is also fully removable too if need and can easily be reattached.

Overall I have to say that we are fully sold on the Jurn suitcase. We hopefully have a few trips away planned for next year and with the overall look of the Jurni suitcase and the fact its cabin luggage approved even my partner has said he wants one for him to use.

Jurni Suitcases are priced at £79.99 and come in 3 different colour choices Cobalt Blue, Fusion Pink or Magma Red (colour options shown in picture below).

Disclosure: I was sent a Jurni suitcase for the purpose of this review. However as always all opinions  are honest and that of my own.


I'm pleased to say that Jurni have been nice enough give me the chance to offer a BLUE JURNI to one lucky winner of a giveaway.

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The Bath Arms B &B Review

With it being the summer holidays, a family break away couldn't of come at a better time. That being said we obviously jumped at the chance when we were invited to review The Bath Arms B & B near Longleat.