Camp Bestival 2016 - Dingley Dell

This was our first time at Camp Bestival this year and wow what a year it was. I have to admit that one of our favourite finds of the festival and one of the places we spent most of our time was the 'Dingley Dell'

The 'Dingley Dell' is set in the magical, peaceful woodlands of Camp Bestival. For us it was the perfect place to take the kids to enjoy a bit of time away as a family from the noise for a while.

Upon first entering the 'Dingley Dell' thru the Lizzies Way entrance, we were in ore of just how beautifully decorated the walk way was, lights hanging from tree, gorgeous buntings drapsing across. It wasn't long before we stumbled across a selection of cute little cubby dens made out of sticks and leaves. Inside was some blankets and books etc. It was the perfect place for us to sit and read to the kids for a little while .

The amount of things that the dingley dell has to offer, really doesnt stop with the wonderful reading dens. On further exploring we found even more activites for the kids to do. From making potions, to a mud kitchen and even animal holding.

One of my favourite things about 'Dingley Dell' was that its just as magical at night as it is in the day,if not more so. One night we decided to venture up to The Dingley Dell on the off chance it might still be open and wow what a good choice that was. I was expecting it to be shut off due to the time, however was surprised to see it all lite up in lights. It was stunning, the kids loved walking thru it in the evening and we visited in the evenings a few times whilst at Camp Bestival and each time we came out at least one of the two little ones was asleep and the other almost.

Skandika Nizza Tent Review

Now I'm going to begin this review with a slight confession.... I'm a total camping newbie. My only experience of camping was when i was like 9 and we had a small 2 man tent put up in our back garden within minutes a spider crawled in and I was long gone. With that said I have to admit I was a little bit anxious about Camping at Camp Bestival 2016.

Of course I was excited about being able to attend as an Official Camp Bestival Blogger, but camping alone was something I had little experience of, let alone with 2 young kids in tow. So the question I asked myself was would I be able to find a tent that made my first ever camping experience as fantastic experience? and would I want to camp ever again after? 

I was very grateful to Skandika who kindly offered to send us the Skandika Nizza Tent to review. Upon first looks on there website I was instantly impressed by just how spacious it looked. You could easily first a family of 4 in there and easily have enough room to move around comfortably. The tent is 210cm high which ment we were able to stand up right inside, with was a lovely bonus.

(This Photo was kindly provided by Skandika to show the full spaciousness of the tent)

Neither me or my partner have ever put a tent up in our lives, and it was definitely a tester on our relationship..  if you can survive putting a tent up together you can just about survive anything. The Skandika Nizza tent spite being so spacious was super easy to put up, even for us first timers. We did the silly thing of forgetting to pack the instructions, so we ended up having to wing it. In all it took about 20-30 mins in total for us to put the tent fully up.

One of my favourite things about the tent was the sleeping pod. Whilst away at Camp Bestival the weather was wonderful, however at night time the temperature did drop a fair bit. The fact the sleeping pod gave you the option of being able to either have a sleeping divider in place or not between the two rooms came in very handy. If we had wanted to have privacy ie kids in one room us in another then it was easy to put into place, however due to being cold on the nights we were away we were able to remove the divider separating the bedrooms and all snuggle up together.

(This Photo was kindly provided by Skandika)

In spite of the fact that it did get rather cold at night, we were very lucky in that it didn't rain the entire time we were away.. woot!! However if it had of rained we would of been well protected thanks to the tents 5000 mm water column. The tent also has a sewn in ground sheet and mosquito mesh screens on all the doors and windows which helped give us a a bit of extra warmth and protection against the wind as well as keeping the bugs out too.

Overall, we loved our first ever camping experience and especially loved our Skandika Nizza Tent Its made us get the Camping itch now and were hoping to go lots more in the future and of course our Skandika Tent will be coming too.

Disclosure: I was Kindly sent the Skandika Nizza Tent for the purpose of this review. However as always all opinions ans views expressed are that of my own.

Camp Bestival - Our Packing List

The countdown has finally ended, tomorrow we are off to our first ever Camp Bestival... wooooo. Can't wait to enjoy a lovely break away listening to some great artists, eating some delicious food and most of all spending some time together as a family.

Being a camping newbie I've been making lists and crossing things off in hope of being a bit more organised and praying that i don't forget anything. Leaving the house with 2 toddlers in tow can be pretty daunting. I though it would be a great idea to share our camping list in hope of maybe helping others out in the future.

My X Moment Captured - With Sony Xperia

I was so happy when Sony asked me to support the launch of their new smart phone the Xperia X. Sony asked a selection of bloggers to share some of there most special moments, the ones that you get just one chance in your life to capture or as Sony refer to them 'X Moments'.

For Sony, an X Moment is a "split second in time means something to you that's here and then gone. It could be baby's first steps or achieving a personal goal, a sporting achievement, your dogs whimsical expression, or just a random flash of happiness and hilarity. It's a moment that you'd love to capture perfectly that's all too missable if you or your phone isn't up to the job".